Software Engineer - 2, Backend (Data & Infra)

FUTURES AND CAREERS About us Exotel is the largest cloud communications company in India and South East Asia. We build the best in class communication products that power.....

FUTURES AND CAREERS Bengaluru ₹ NA 3-6Y Full Time
Job Description
  • About us Exotel is the largest cloud communications company in India and South East Asia. We build the best in class communication products that power the companies of today and tomorrow
  • Our aim is to change the way enterprises approach customer communication. Our technology enables customer communication for our clients such as Uber, Ola, Go-Jek, Redbus, Flipkart, Quikr, Practo, Lazada, Redmart, to name a few
  • We are a young company with humble beginnings in 2011 that grew from a 3 member team to 150 employees in 2018. Last year, our technology connected 194 million people in India, powered 3.3 billion customer calls and served 8.2 billion API hits, to place our scale in context
  • To get to know more about us, this might be helpful:,You should join us if You enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with a good appetite for learning
  • You love to bring structure or method, have a flair for designing, evangelising and implementing processes
  • You enjoy bringing highly qualified talent into the company
  • You love experimenting & challenging the status quo
  • You believe in being better than you were yesterday
  • Tech @ Exotel Exotel engineering solves some really cool infrastructure level problems with the goal of ensuring no one misses a call or an SMS
  • Our focus is on building very fault-tolerant, loosely coupled, scalable and real-time distributed system,We are generally agnostic of language, technology or tools. Currently, our tech stack is built on Golang, Node.js, Ruby, Java and PHP. We use Aerospike, MySQL as data stores, ElasticSearch for search and Beanstalkd for queuing,We emphasize a lot on clean abstractions of code, loosely coupled services and good coding practices,We are very strong believers in "you built it, you own it!". And running a distributed system is very different from just building one!,We are crazy about high availability,Software Engineer @ Exotel The job of a software engineer involves all aspects of software engineering: designing and architecting services and features, development, testing, instrumentation, deployment, stabilization and operations. You will be working on the core cloud telephony platform and products. A lot of focus in what you do will be outside of just adding features - you will be constantly thinking of "how do I scale out my cluster to twice its size with 60 seconds?", "how do I increase the platform uptime from 99.95 to 99.99?", "how to shave off a few extra milliseconds in response times?" etc
  • What does it take? We are looking for technically very strong candidates, with a strong understanding of computer systems. We want people who love designing and building infrastructure components and large complex services. Being a Software Engineer at Exotel takes a bit more than the following,Must haves,Very strong in Computer Science fundamentals,Expertise with one of Java / Go / Scala / C / C / C#,Experience building large scale distributed systems OR done core systems programming,Knowledge of different data stores, data modelling and scaling them,A "DevOps" mindset. You own what you will develop
  • Good-to-haves,Exposure to telephony protocols, ISDN, SIP, WebRTC,Comfortable scripting in at least one of PHP / Ruby / Python,Experience: 3 years,Team: Data & Infra The Data/Infra teamwork on everything related to Data and Infrastructure. The team sets up, maintains and enhances Data platforms using DBs such as MYSQL, Aerospike, Redis and ElasticSearch to name a few. The team is responsible in creating a data platform by modelling the data in the most efficient and scalable manner. The team also works on Infrastructure by creating the CI/CD pipelines (Kubernetes / Dockers), monitoring pipelines to monitor the application services. security layers to ensure the platform is secure from hacks
Job Summary
About us Exotel is the largest cloud communications company in India and South East Asia. We build the best in class communicatio